BJP is a useless party said KTR


What has Akbar, Babar and Bin laden to do with the GHMC elections questioned KTR the Minister for IT and Municipal Administration. He was on a popular TV channel this evening on the eve of the elections.

Rohingyas must be sent out by the central Government. Aadhar and voter ID is given by the central Government said KTR. The BJP wants to provoke the youth and also the Government here he said.

If the situation goes out of control, we will not spare anyone said KTR. Let Modi the PM answer the questions on development and IT in Hyderabad demanded KTR.

The BJP manifesto is copied from the TRS manifesto he said. What the BJP talks is different the manifesto is different he opined. You cannot brand the entire Muslim community as terrorists he suggested.

We are giving issue based support to BJP at the centre he said. We are not in alliance with the MIM he clarified. MIM is also giving us issue based support he agreed.

We will take a dozen seats from the old city this time he said. Mayor and Deputy Mayor will be from the TRS he exuded confidence. Will cross the 75 number this time he said.

BJP is a useless party and we are not answerable to them he clarified. We will not need anybody support and will get the Mayor post on our own stated KTR.

We are asking for funds and there is no reply from that side he said. Akbar and Bandi are two fools and they are talking whatever they want he stated.

Hyderabad people know what is what and they will decide the fate of BJP and MIM on 4th he said. Last 6 years they have done nothing for Hyderabad, let them give a package of one lakh crore for Hyderabad he suggested.

What happened when Trump was in Delhi ,KTR questioned? Delhi is governed by the centre in terms of law and order he reminded. Hyderabad is the most dynamic city in the world he pointed out.