2 lakh people for KCR meeting

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Around two lakh people are expected for the KCR rally and meeting in Hyderabad at the LB Stadium on Saturday. The meeting will be conducted with Covid rules and regulations.

The BJP today had an impressive roadshow under the leadership of BJP National Chief Nadda. Taking this into consideration the TRS will be forced to put up a great show at the LB stadium.

KTR did not do any roadshows on Friday. Instead he has addressed some indoor meetings where he impressed upon the people to protect Hyderabad and see that the communal elements don’t disturb it.

The fight is between the TRS and the BJP. The Congress and the TDP are now where in the race. The MIM is also doing well in the old city and they may get around 40 seats this time.

The communists are also contesting and they will not get the deposit. But the TRS has an edge in the GHMC elections as they have developed the city in a big way.

It is like a tug of war between TRS and the BJP now in City. Both BJP and TRS are claiming that they are fighting with the MIM. The MIM is concentrating in the old city to retain the earlier seats.

The Congress leaders are joining the BJP day in and day out. Lets hope that the rain will not play the spoil sport for the prestigious KCR rally.