BJP is running a fake news factory

ktr on bjp

The BJP is running a fake news factory said KTR. Talking to a news channel in an interview, KTR said that they are also running a WhatsApp university.

Social Media is useful in many ways, but it is being abused he said. Let us not abuse the system with the media KTR suggested. We should not misuse the freedom also he said.

Youth are with us and they were present in my roadshows he explained. Youth wants peace and jobs he opined. Some jobs we lost he agreed. Why are you selling LIC and Air India he questioned?

Any election is like a referendum he agreed. It amounts to reflection on the government he opined. But you cannot completely take it as an opinion against the Government he said.

I have 3 years time as a Minister, and any mistake from the corporators can be corrected he suggested to the voters. Yes we will make Hyderabad a global city.

Hyderabad is expanding you know that , and people can feel it he said. The income has increased. People don’t consider the statistics. I have given my report. Let the BJP give its report he challenged.

we are trying for daily water supply to the people of Hyderabad. Nalas, lakes and other water bodies will be developed and it will take 2 more years he explained.

The drainage system, the musi river and other road infrastructure will be done in 3 years time he said. People do not have the agenda of Hindu and Muslim he clarified.

Why do you want to change the name of Hyderabad and Ahmedabad he questioned. What do you get from the names. Do you want name changers or the game changers he asked.

What happened to the black money, which was supposed to come from Swiss bank he questioned.