Air travel is dangerous

Air travel is dangerous

Air Travel is very dangerous and it can aggravate the Coronavirus said Sham Prasad Reddy of Shanta Biotech. Talking to a TV channel he said that the air in the aircraft will not go out and circulates inside causing all the passengers to get effected with the Corona Virus.

It is better to travel by Bus and train where the air is coming in freely frontside and it has proper ventilation he explained.

He said that the Corona Vaccine cannot be introduced immediately and that it will take easily one year for the clinical trials. He said that avoiding frequent travels is good for health.

Keeping your self today with regular cleanliness is also a must to keep away from any sort o virus. He said that if at all any vaccine comes for Corona it will be first tested on the rats and other animals. Then only it will be given to the people.

Any new vaccine will take at least 2 years to be introduced he stated.

We cannot get it immediately he clarified. Shanta Biotech represented by Sham Prasad Reddy is known for the Hepatitis Vaccine. Eating Ginger and Vitamin C is good for preventing the virals he said.

Corona effects the breathing tracks and makes them weak he explained. The vaccine prevents the virus.

Prevention is better than cure he explained.

Long term use of medicine is must for the control of virals he said.