In a surprise political development, Alagiri the brother of Stalin the DMK leader stated that there is a political vacuum in Tamilnadu. Rajinikanth will definitely fill the vacuum created by the death of Karunanidhi and Jayalalithaa said Alagiri was earlier expelled from the DMK.

Rajinikanth in a meeting with followers opined that there is political after the death of stalwarts like Jayalalithaa amma and Karunanidhi.

Both Rajinikanth and Kamal Hassan the superstars are trying to get into the groove of the politics in Tamilnadu. But with the support Alagiri one of the sons of Karunanidhi there is an opportunity for Rajinikanth.

Kamal, on the other hand, has lost the parliament elections miserably. He is back with the movies for the time being. Rajini who is busy with the release of Darbar is waiting to take a plunge at the right time for contesting the elections.

Meanwhile, the BJP is also in the process of wooing Rajini into its fold. Prime Minister Modi has met Rajini twice but nothing happened. On the other hand, Rajini clarified that he is not going to turn saffron.

Tamiliasai the BJP chief in Tamilnadu has been posted by the Centre as the Governor of Telangana. Now Tamilnadu requires a good BJP chief.