300 hoardings for lover-says sorry

300 hoardings for lover-says sorry

A businessman by name Nilesh created quite a buzz in Pune. He almost proved that love is blind. He had a tiff with his lover and wanted to convince her that he has done a mistake and was sorry for that.

With the help of his friends, he has arranged for putting up billboards across her route saying I am sorry. We do not know if the girl has accepted his apology or not, but the police have raised a complaint on this businessman for setting up the sorry boards.300 hoardings for lover

We do not know if he could draw the attention of his lover or not.
The local authorities have raised a complaint that there was no permission for such boards in the city. They alerted the police. This is the first time that the love matter was focused on the roads and it almost looked like a cinematic idea.300 hoardings for lover-

But finally, Nilesh landed up at the police station in the process of convincing his lady love. We have to see if he can win back the lady with his sorry or go to the jail for creating nuisance in the public on the road with 300 hoardings.