Now Srireddy thinks of Politics

It looks like Srireddy the controversial actor is fed up with Hyderabad and wants to settle down in Chennai. She said that Tollywood was the worst industry but she has got a few films on hand. She is not interested in glamour doll rolls and says that the characters should inspire others. 


Talking about politics she says that if the party is good and works for the development of people she would join that party. However, the Srileaks will continue Srireddy stated. She was addressing a press meet in Chennai and talked about various issues in the industry and also on the exploitation in the industry. 

Srireddy was ready to reveal the truth and not bothered about the consequences. She also has a few advocates working for her in the process and one has to see how far these cases will go. If she can gel well in politics is a matter of doubt as she is a very straightforward woman. 


She wanted the audience to change and see the movies of all the heroes rather than encouraging the four families in the industry. She says that only 4 families are controlling the industry and they are only prospering now. She wants the people to see the small budget movies also and encourage them in the process.