Rashmi Gautam

In the earlier days in Tollywood people used to talk about the Sridevis thighs. Yes, the Sridevi who died recently. Later the focus shifted to Rambha. Rambha is still there married and happy. She is now pregnant for the third time.

Now Rashmi Gautam the actress is very possessive about her thigs. She thinks her body is very attractive and that the centre of attraction is her thighs.

So in a lighter vein, she suggested that her thighs should be insured and this shows that she is very possessive about them. She is ready to expose her body for the sake of character and its demand.

Rashmi Gautam

For skin show Rahsmi is ready and only thing is that the director must be able to project and expose her in the right perspective and properly.

She became very popular from Guntur talkies movie of Praveen Sattaru where the exposing was very abundant in nature. Now she knows that exposing will make her more popular and she is ready for it. Now she wants to ensure that her thighs the main assets are insured.