Women prefer working from home


The work from the home concept introduced due to Corona is liked by the women very much. 51 per cent of the women folk like to continue the same. They are very happy with it.

The IT Secretary of Telangana has suggested the employees come back to the offices so that others who are dependent on these offices will get back their employment.

The cab drivers, the food sellers, the breakfast sellers, the cigarette and gutkha sellers are desperately waiting for the employees to come back to the offices.

Most ot the business especially the food sellers are down as people are getting food at home and they are not eating outside ever since the Lockdown has begun.

Now the employees are worried about the so-called third wave, but the offices are getting ready for the employees. The biscuit sellers, the pizza boys don’t get any business these days.

Coffee and tea machines are lying idle. The bars and restaurants around these offices are not doing business. Even if the Cinema theatres are open in the Hitech city they will be vacant.

So we have to see how far the employees would co-operate with the management. The companies are saving a lot on the maintenance front, but the Governments wants these offices to function so that there will be a whole lot of activity around.