Sindhu prefers Park over Pullela Gipichand


Sindhu PV the bronze medallist in the Olympics said that the Covid-19 pandemic had upset the training programme and her coach could stay at his home in Korea for just 13 days.

“So it is all his hard work and we finally got this medal back to the country. Park has been my coach for about a year and a half, so yeah, I would love to continue with him as my coach.”

About the major decision to move out of the Pullela Gopichand Academy, Sindhu said: “I went with the mindset that I have to give my 100 per cent and get that medal.”

She felt it was one of the best decisions to be made to train at Gachibowli indoor stadium.

“From the beginning, there was no controversy, I mean, we had this opportunity to play in conditions similar to Olympics, so from February we have been playing there, it has really helped us because drift played a big role and I learnt a lot in Gachibowli, I learnt to control the shuttle better. So I feel it was the best decision…We also got used to different players from Suchitra Academy also. It was important Sindhu explained.’’

Sindhu said: “At the end of the day, when you play sports, you are opponents and you don’t have that mercy but when the match is over you come back to normal friendship and that’s what matters at the end of the day.’’

The next Olympics is in Paris 2024, with a smile Sindhu said: “Let me just cherish the moment.’’