Will Modi be the PM or President?

narendra modi

The Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi has been talking about Congress Mukht Bharat. He has achieved it to a larger extent.

Modi was also talking about the One Nation-One Election! It looks like he is thinking of One Party-One Leader in India. There is a talk that Modi is Planning for an early poll in 2022 in the name of one nation one poll.

He has already discussed the same with the CMs of various states. In 2022, India will celebrate the 75th year of Independence.

But again, serious apprehensions have begun to be expressed, whether the country will remain sovereign, united and integrated politically and geographically2047.

The year 2022 will be crucial in that plan. It will be the 75th year of Independence, and a new “Muhurat” for setting up the New Republic, by undermining the one that we adopted in 1950.

There is also a talk that Modi might become the President of India. The New parliamentary building will be operational that year. The current President’s term expires the same year.

There can be either introduction or even regular establishment of the “ Presidential Form of Democracy, in place of the Parliamentary Democracy.

It has to be seen if Modi is going to be the next President or Prime Minister of India?