Will Acharya get delayed further?


There is talk that Chiranjeevi is taking a rest after he had to cancel the shoot of Acharya due to dehydration. Koratala Shiva is the director. Earlier they had to shoot under severe heat conditions at the Coal mines.

Now that it has rained there is a chance that the shooting might resume. But how far Chiranjeevi is fit for the shooting physically and mentally has to be seen.

It is reported that Balakrishna the hero has talked to Chirnajeevi on phone and has advised him to take a rest for some time. Chiranjeevi wanted to complete Acharya in 99 days and the director Koratala has assured him of the same.

But Corona has been postponing the shooting from time to time. They had no other option but to shut the shooting for months in a row. Now the heat conditions and second wave of Corona have to be kept in mind before planning for the shoot.

The Lahe Lahe song has already become very popular and the fans like the teaser also. But it is reported that Chiranjeevi is not that happy with the music of Mani Sharma.

The movie is being produced by Koniela production and Ram Charan is supervising the project on a regular basis. Ramcharan is also working inn the film.

It is being done with the theme of naxal background.