Will miss the magic: Kohli


Virat Kohl the Indian Cricket Captain is of the opinion that the players will miss the magic called the audience. Playing in front of the sentiment of the viewers and their cheering is different he opined.

He was reacting ot the talk that in future they might play cricket to the empty stadiums. The crowd cheering and he encouragement made the players to play the game at a different level.

Sometimes they won the game due to the encouragement and cheering of the audience. Some of hem played really to the gallery. They also played to enthral the audience.

But Kohli opined that playing to the empty stadium is also an experience and hat would really playing really for the game and not for the audience. The players will get to used this also he opined.

The idea is that people will be able to watch the matches on TV. The players will have to play for the viewers on TV. The Corona scare will not allow the people and the Government to come to the Stadiums.

Let’s wait and see what is going to happen to cricket in the near future.