Musambi fesitval on 10nth

mp santhosh

The Telangana Government is organising Musambi /Bathai festival on May 10nthhere in Hyderabad. MP Santosh Kumar will be distributing Bathai fruits to sports persons here in Hyderabad as a mark of launching the festival.

The idea is to promote the sale of teh Bathai fruits here in the state of Telangana. Bathai or sweet lime has good contents of C vitamin and i helps in building the stamina of the sportspersons and also the people in General.

C Vitamin helps in building he ani bodies in the human body against the Viruses. That is the reason doctors advise you to have sweet lime juice when you are having a fever or any other ailments .

Around 500 players will get teh fruits on that day from Santosh Kumar the MP here in Hyderabad. He has agreed to distribute teh fruits to them so that it will be like spreading awareness to the people to have Bathai fuss.

This will also help the farmers indirectly in their sales