Dhoni Joins Bjp


Mahendra Singh Dhoni will retire after the World Cup said some media people. But he is still in the and wanting to play the cricket.

There was a talk that he would retire for the sake of Bharatiya Janata party to contest elections in the state of Jharkhand. Top BJP leaders including the party chief Amit Shah have met Dhoni earlier and suggested him to contest the election.

If Dhoni is not interested in politics, he might campaign for the party in the coming elections.
The BJP is already working here in the states in the name of Sampark for Samarthan.

Meanwhile, Dhoni has made an interesting statement that he does not know when he would retire from active cricket. Apart from the BJP, there are several other organisations and sports companies luring Modi to join them.

His wife Saakshi is also ready with some assignments for him relating to the advertising field. But the immediate attractive assignment is politics for Dhoni. It has to be seen if he would participate in the campaigning for the BJP.

Apart from being the BJP chief and the Home Minister, Amit Shah is concentrating on the Telugu states.. Right now the BJP is poaching the leaders from other parties left, right and centre.