A team of officers headed by MahaMetro Managing Director Dr. Brijesh Dixit met MA&UD Minister KTR in Hyderabad and gave a detailed presentation on their ongoing projects.

Maharashtra Metro Rail Corporation Limited (MahaMetro) has undertaken metro projects in cities like Nagpur, Pune, Greater Nashik, and Thane and works to provide a safe, efficient, affordable, and environmentally sustainable rapid public transport system.

In the meeting, Minister and the officials extensively discussed about Metro Neo, a project which is a combination of the metro and bus system introduced by MahaMetro.

The MahaMetro officials said that the Metro Neo has dedicated and elevated corridors and is cost-effective and cheaper than the Metro. The Metro Neo can carry up to 350 to 400 passengers at a time and run at a 2-minute frequency.

The officials also mentioned about their resource mobilization models and stated that Metro Neo can be easily modified as per the increasing population and traffic.

Minister KTR looked into their presentation and instructed the Hyderabad Metro officials to study the MahaMetro proposals and adapt and implement practices such as a rainwater harvesting system, sewage treatment and roof-top solar panels on metro coaches, etc.

Minister directed the HMR officials to imbibe suitable practices while preparing DPRs for the Elevated Bus Rapid Transit system (EBRTS) in western Hyderabad.