Will discuss with PM Modi says Pawan Kalyan


While the BJP is going ahead with its plans in Tirupathi, Pawan Kalyan the Jana Sena Chief has his own way of thinking for the contest at Tirupathi.

While saying that the relations between BJP and Jana Sena are transparent, Pawan wants to go for one more round of talks with Delhi for finalising the candidate for the Tirupathi parliament.

If it is Jana Sena candidate then he will campaign across the 7 assembly constituencies. The BJP on the other hand never bothered to contact Pawan for finalising the candidate.

The TDP ,BJP and the Jana Sena are already campaigning in Tirupathi while the Congress and the YSRC are yet to begin the campaign. The Temple Vandalism has come in handy for the BJP here in Tirupathi.

On one side Pawan said that the National leaders of the BJP must campaign in Tirupathi and on other hand Pawan says he would campaign in all the assembly segments if only Jana Sena is contesting the election.

Pawan must think before he makes a statement. It may be recalled that Pawan has withdrawn from the contest in GHMC elections after finalsing the candidates for 18 seats.

Tirupathi will also end up in the same fashion for Jana Sena it looks like.