All eyes on February one -Budget 2021-22

Budget 2021-22
There was a talk that Finance Minister Nirmala Seetharman would be changed. But she is presenting the third Budget on February one. This budget is going to be a different one she said.
But kind of relief she is going to give to the common man and middle class people has to be seen. Will there be any change in the IT slab for the salaried income people has to be seen.
Many of them are in trouble due to Covid conditions and the situation is different in the country. It is time for the Government to encourage the people in general in every aspect.
Health, education and housing will take the first place in the budget it is learnt. Creation of jobs will be another aspect. The startups will also get all the prominence.
As usual creation of the basic infrastructure will also get the due importance. This time the Budget is not being printed due to Covid safety and security reasons. FM Nirmala gave the longest speech for the Budget for about 160 minutes.
Now Nirmala  Seetharaman has been suggested to make it brief and as short as possible. Higher deduction in Taxable income can be expected in this budget because of the higher spending on Covid and other health issues this year. More relief under section 80D is also expected.
More or less the poor and the middle class will be taken care of by the Modi Government this year.