Megastar Chiranjeevi suggested that we most become healthier by staying indoors. He said that we must not go for junk foods in the name of staying home.

Staying fit and eating healthy food is very important he suggested. Avoid snacks and go for grandma recipes he said. Vegetable and light food are the menus one must follow he said.

Don’t pile up food items in the name of staying home he stated. Go for some exercise or the other at some time to keep fit he suggested. Saving for the future is must he pointed out.

Avoid heavy and excess eating he stated. Be a vegetarian to the extent possible he mentioned. Stay inside and do not venture out he stated. The people must cooperate to the call given by PM Modi and the CMs of Telugu states he urged.

The Indians must unite and drive away the Corona Chiranjeevi remarked. He also requested the people of Telugu states to stay indoors and keep the Corona at a distance.