Amaravathi the capital city agitation has reached 100 days as on today. But the YSRC Government on the other side is making all-out arrangements to decentralise the Government working status and split the capitals.

The YSRC Government is not bothered about the orders of the court and Jagan is hell-bent upon splitting Amaravathi and going against the wish of the former CM Chandrababu Naidu.

While the people of the region want Amaavathi as the capital, the Jagan Government is trying to shift the Secretariat to Visakhapatnam. The agitation to protect Amaravathi as the capital is continuing for the last 100 days.

There are discussions on the decentralisation of powers and Governance. At the same time, there are people who believe that the Capital must have everything under one roof and they must not run from pillar to post for getting the things done.

Bu the concept of all offices at the same place will save time, money and energy for the people. There is no second thinking on this front. Jagan as such can move around the state in the name of Governance but the people must not be made to run from pillar to post for their works.

The executive, the Judiciary and the Legislature should be available in one place. Let’s hope justice would be done to the people.