Why Prakash Raj for Movie Artists Association(MAA)


Do we really need Prakash Raj for the Movie Artists Association (MAA). Can Naga Babu the brother of Chiranjeevi the megastar explain why they are supporting Prakash Raj.

There are a number of Telugu stars who can take up the responsibility. Why is the mega family interested in Prakash Raj is a big question. We are encouraging cine talent from other states and languages, that is a different question.

But why should be import leaders from other states? It may be recalled that the Tollywood producers have banned Prakash Raj for some time as he was not coming on time to the sets for the shooting.

Later he fought with producer Dil Raju and then pached up. Now Bollywood does not give roles to Prakash Raj as he goes against BJP and abuses PM Modi all the time.

Prakash has also lost direct elections miserably. No one voted him in the recent elections. Now Naga Babu is supporting him for the MAA Chief post.

There are many issues regarding MAA positions. Most of them have bungled it in the recent past. Now we are trying Prakash. One must understand that giving the post to an artist from other state is not correct.