KCR brands himself a true son of Siddipet


The CM K Chandrasekhar Rao was a different man yesterday. His talking style and approach has changed. He was not aggressive. People who heard him had a different experience.

KCR said he always identifies himself as a true son of Siddipet. The CM also explained how as an MLA during the united AP rule, how he faced problems to get water for irrigation, drinking water purposes and supply of power to the people.

The CM also explained about the qualitative change Telangana had undergone from the united AP rule to till now. In his two-hour-long speech, the CM became very emotional while red. calling the past. The CM reiterated his journey would not be stopped till Bangaru Telangana is achieved.

In this regard, the CM explained with examples about several administrative reforms the government is implementing, implementation of the welfare schemes, and how these schemes are helping the people. He touched upon each and every scheme by its name, scope and results.

The CM also explained about Dharani and other schemes, which are brought into clean Agriculture, irrigation water, drinking water, education and Revenue sectors and how the schemes are helping the people.

KCR mentioned about each and every scheme with name asked the gathering whether they want the scheme or not? People made it clear to the CM and unanimously said that these schemes should be continued as they are proving to be very beneficial to them.

The CM made it clear that he had brought in so many schemes for the long-term benefit of the people and these schemes can never be changed even if a new government comes in the State. The CM’s detailed speech was dotted with jokes, quick wit and several anecdotes and people enjoyed it thoroughly.

The CM also explained in detail about Mission Kakatiya, Mission Bhagiratha, Kaleswaram Projects, Rythu Bandhu, Rythu Bhima, Kalyanalaxmi, Shadi Mubarak, KCR Kits and other schemes tracing the historical back ground and in-depth reasons to launch them.