Who is the Chief Minister?


Leader of the Opposition Chandrababu Naidu is yet to realise that he is no the chief Minister of Ap. At the same time, Jaganmohan Reddy is yet to come into the groove of the Chief Minister.

Chandrababu Naidu is busier at this point time when compared to his chief Minister times. Babu is chalking out his daily program and behaving as if he is still teh ruler. He is coming out with doses of information against Corona and talking ot he media on a daily basis as if he is still running the state.

On the other hand, Jagan is yet to prioritise his work properly. There have been instances during the assembly sessions that the CM Jagan and the ruling party members including the ministers have to remind Babu that he is not the Chief Minister.

One must appreciate teh guts of Babu that with few members he is able to fight against the ruling party and the Government. Right now he is concentrating on Corona and wants people to be confident by staying indoors.

Jaganmohan Reddy says there is nothing to worry about and that things are being taken care of in the state against the Corona. The TDP leaders are coming to Babus house on a daily basis.

At the same time, the YSRC is busily poaching the prominent TDP leaders into YSRC.