Even after taking all the precautions, the Corona is on the rise in the state of Telangana. The cases are going up at the National level also. The people, on the other hand, are unable to stay home and observe the lockdown.

People who have moved out and then came back to the state are the carriers of this killer Corona. People coming from foreign countries, and people coming back from Delhi were identified to be the main carriers of this Corona.

People are walking from place to place to reach their villages. There is talk of the second shut down in the country. Gachchbowli stadium in Hyderabad is getting ready for the Corona quarantine.

This indicates that the Corona is on the rise. Donations are pouring in to contain the Corona. Tatas have donated Rs1500 crore for Corona. Film star Prabhas has donated 4 crore which is a whopping amount.

There is no medicine for Corona so far. There is no other way but to stay home.