As predicted Rahul has won the Big Boss 3 contest and Srimukhi has lost even after a big push from the organisers. If she was encouraged Srimukhi would have lost the race long ago.

Even after so much of encouragement, Srimukhi could not come forward in the race. Rahul has taken the title from Chiranjeevi the megastar. There is a talk that Chiranjeevi would Present the next episode of Big Boss show that is the 4th contest.

But what the audience expected was that Srimukhi could have exhibited her diplomacy and congratulated the winner of the contest Rahul. She is the runner up, she did not have the common sense to compliment the winner of the contest.

All said and done the show ended on a good note and people area also satisfied that Rahul has won the contest which is a good sign. Otherwise, the people would have stated that it was a match-fixing for Srimukhi.

There could have been allegations that Srimukhi was awarded from the backdoor and that the organisers have fixed the event for her. Srimukhi was overconfident and she lost the race for the winner post and stood at the second position.