Have Sithaphal or custard Apple


There is some doubt in the society that people with some health issues should not have Sithapahal or custard apple. But the health experts say all those precautions are just myths. People for good health must have the Sithaphal this season. One can eat Sithphal without any doubts.

1.There are some doubts that Sithaphal or Chittalapandu is not good for people with Diabetes. But the health experts said that the Sugar index is just below the index recommended by the doctors and people with diabetes can have it without any doubts.


It is good for people with diabetes.

2. Some experts say that Sithaphal may nto be good for the people with heart issues. Heart specialists say that the fruit has got good amounts of calcium and potassium and it has got nothing to do with the heart ailments. They can have it happily.

3. Sithaphal is good for digestion. It cleanses the blood. It helps in skin toning also.

4. The fruit helps in the functioning of the brain.

5. It helps in hair growth also.

6. Sithaphal is a good source of iron and women with PCOD must definitely take it this season.

7. People of all ages can take it happily and it also has got anti-cancer agents.

8. It improves blood purity and also develops the blood.

So please eat with your hands and lick the white gravy.