What is wrong questions Talasani Srinivas ?

Talasani Srinivas

The Chorus for making K Taraka Rama Rao the IT Minister as the CM of Telangana in place of K Chandrasekhar Rao is growing by the day. Srinivas Yadav also hinted that KCR will take the decision soon over this matter.

The demand for making KTR as the Chief Minister of Telangana was first started like a whisper campaign, but now it is in open. Prominent media channels have been running stories that KCR has decided to make his son KTR as the Chief Minister.

Some of them have even said that from next financial year that is April, KTR will be ruling the state. Minster Koppula Eswar, Malla Reddy have also expressed their opinion that KTR will become the Chief Minister and it is the right choice.

MLAs Bajireddy Goverdhan and Shakeel also have joined the chorus for the sake of KTR.

There is talk internally, that the administration is already taking instructions from KTR. Both KCR and KTR are in the Pragathi Bhavan. People who come to see KCR, will definitely touch KTR.

The limelight for the new year was on KTR this time. It looks as if KCR is easing out from the responsibilities in a slow and phased manner. We do not know what is in store for the next elections, so the people have thought it right to make KTR as the CM.

Then we have to see of KCR would concentrate on the National Politics or not.