We are not stopping Akhanda or any other movie


Ambati Rambabu the YSRC MLA said that the Government will not stop any movie and we are trying to control the ticket rates he said. How can you sell Rs 100 ticket for Rs 50000 in the name of benefit show he questioned?

We are selling tickets online. Chiranjeevi and Pawan want only big heroes to rule and survive whereas we want all the small films and also heroes to survive he explained.

How much Pawan is charging he questioned? They are afraid of losing the stardom he opined. This is good for small films he explained. But even after hurdles by the Government, Akhanda is doing well.

We cannot allow the people to sell the tickets as they like he stated. Even Dasari Narayan Rao wanted the ticket rates to be controlled he said. Ambati said that Chandrababu the LOP has nothing to do but make allegations.

Taking loans is nothing new to any Government he explained. The OTS is for giving rights to the poor people to own their properties he explained.