Ambati says Babu weeping is a drama


Ambati Rambabu the YSRC leader aspiring to be a minister said that Chandrababu weeping in the media conference was just a drama and there was no reality in it.

We did not utter a word against the Chandrababu or any of his family members clarified Ambati. Babu lost Kuppam also miserably and there was nothing left but for weeping.

Babu waned to weep in the Assembly, but could not do it he clarified. So he arranged a press meet immediately and did the act he explained. Babu cheated,NTR, Daggubati, Harikrishna and others in the family he said.

Vamsi is originally from the TDP and now you have differences he stated. Babu cannot come to the house as CM again and it is just a dream Ambati explained.

No one humiliated Bhuwaneshwari he clarified. Babu is worried about his future political life and also his sons political future explained Ambati. If people are slapping my photo with chappals it is nothing but blessings he said.

God will bless me, nothing will happen to me. I will become more popular said Ambati.