Vijay Sethupathi rejecting Telugu films!


After Uppena Vijay Sethupathi is getting a lot of offers from Tollywood. He is being offered a hero role also, but Vijay is not ready . He is rejecting all the offers.

One reason is remuneration and the other reason is he is looking at Bollywood where he is being offered double the remuneration. Less work and more money is the mantra he is implementing right now.

People like Chiranjeevi and Sharukh Khan have said that Vijay Sethupathi is a great actor. He is doing all kinds of roles. Hero, Villain, old man, Character actor anything he does it with all ease.

Vijay is booked for the next two years and has no time for anyone. But it all depends on the remuneration. He could not give dates for Pushpa.

But he sought another chance from Pushpa when he has time. People say it is not the question of language, but it is the question of time and money.

Making fast buck is the order of the day.There is also a talk that if Vijay likes the story and his role, he will do it putting the remuneration aside.

Vijay is in Hayatt hotel and listening to the stories to give dates for the future films. There is a talk that the work for Prakash Raj has come down and it is being offered to Vijay.

Vijay is doing it better than Prakash Raj in every way.