Vijay Sai reddy

Vijay Sai Reddy the second in command of the AP Government today visited Pragahi Bhavna along with the AP CM Jagamohan Reddy to meet KCR.

KCR with due respected greeted Jagan and Vijay Sai, while Vijay Sai took the blessing of KCR by touching his feet. Vijay Sai also touched the feet of PM Modi whenever he visits Delhi.

Jagan also tried to touch the feet of Modi when he was in Tirupathi last time, but Modi did not allow him to do so. He avoided Jagan touching his feet.

Vijay Sai Reddy

KCR also touches the feet of his Gurus and also the former President Pranab Mukherjee. Modi also touched the feet of common man and also freedom fighters.

He is seen touching the feet of Advani his political Guru and also a critic. When it comes to the CMs meet in Hyderabad, CPI leader Narayana said that the CMs should meet and do some welfare of the people.

Narayana said that he is against the shifting of the capital to Visakhapatnam.