pawan kalyan

It has been decided that the BJP and Jana Sena will work together for the betterment of the people of Andhra. The BJP has decided that Amaravathi must continue as the capital of Andhra and Jana Sena is supporting the same.

From this Sankranthi, the BJP and Jana Sena will start the agitation against the 3 capital formula of the YSRC. In 2014 Jana Sena supported the BJP -TDPcombine and they came to power.

Now the same formula will be applied in future to win against the YSRC in the coming elections. Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan has met some top RSS leaders and also the working President Nadda here.


It may be noted that Chiarnjeevi earlier could not run the Prajarajyam party and merged with the Congress. Now Jana Sen chief also might merge the party with the BJP in the near future.

One of the reason could be the paucity of funds in the long run. As of now, it is the JAC and the all-party combine against the YSRC 3 capital formula in Andhra.

The court has also stated that people have the right agitate or protest in a peaceful manner. Jagan the CM will be participating in the Sankranthi celebrations here in Gudivada.