The special protection group which looks after the security of the PM cautioned that there is an unknown threat to Modi and now the threat is an all-time high. Even the Ministers and also the officials will not be allowed close to him it is reported. Sources in the Union Home Ministry has sent in an alert to all the states to see that the security is tightened and that there was an unknown threat and especially during the Prime Minister visits.


The IB has said that there should be no-shows and that the PM should not be allowed to show off on the rooftops of the cars and other vehicles. Earlier also there was this Maoists threat the Home Minister Rajnath Singh has said that the security has been beefed up around Prime Minister Modi. The letter suggested that the Maoists were trying to gather arms and ammunition for killing Modi.

They were also gathering funds for the same. Now the threat perception for the PM has doubled and the SPG is taking all the precautions to see that Modi does not get exposed to the roadshows and rooftops. From now onwards the Ministers also get clearance from SPG if they are meeting Modi or accompanying for the road shows so on and so forth.