TTD tickets online- What about the common man


Sarvadarshan tickets are being provided online. But what about the common man. Can a common man get the tickets? What if people don’t have laptops and a net connection.

The system of providing tickets through TTD centres and post offices was good. There is talk that only educated people are getting these tickets and villagers who are being called the common man is not getting the online tickets.

People who are not computer literate will also not get the tickets. It is better if the TTD gives some quota to the post offices and also the TTD offices in the districts.

Spending on the Online facility completely is also not right. There should be alternatives also. All said and done the brokers are doing their business at the TTD by providing darshan and also accommodation in black.

TTD instead of going in a charity and religious mode is progressing in a commercial fashion.

Somethings have to be modernised but that does not mean that we have to ignore traditions.

Modernisation with tradition is the need of the hour at the TTD. The laddu rate was hiked, the room rates were hiked and hotels are costly on the TTD.

However, the free food is a boon to some pilgrims.