Jagan should have walked and talked to people


AP CM Jagan Mohan Reddy missed a good chance where he could have walked and talked to the people in the flood-affected areas. He made an ariel survey and after that, he should have taken to the streets where the villages go washed away in the flash floods.

He should have convinced the people that he is here to take care of them. Instead, he wasted time in the Assembly and also attending the marriages.

Where was the need to assembly as there was no opposition and when LOP Chandrababu was making use of the crisis? Babu should have reached the people even before Chandrababu.

Jagan should have used vehicles and also Jeeps to meet the people drenched in rain and having no houses to stay. Jagan should have moved the official machinery into the lanes and bylanes.

Jagan and the Ministers have avoided the flooded affected people. This is not the correct strategy.

When teh people were in trouble there was no need for the CM to attend the marriage of his OSD.

Chandrababu did a better job during cyclones when compared to Jagan, there is no second thought about it.