ttd laddu

Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthanam (TTD) under the guidance of Chairman Subbareddy is functioning on commercial terms. Even though there is no dearth of funds for the Lord Balaji, day in and day out, the board is recommending for a hike in various amenities being provided to the pilgrims.

The first hike was on room rentals. The rooms which were costing around Rs 500 to Rs 600 per 24 hours were hiked to Rs 1000.

That is a hike of 100 per cent. Nobody was consulted on this account and they just doubled the rate overnight. The pilgrims who pad Rs 500 and Rs 600 were given a second receipt of another 500 when they were vacating the cottages.

The board members and the Chairman are behaving unilaterally which is going against the sentiments of the pilgrims in General. When there is no dearth of funds, the TTD can, in fact, subsidise some amenities for the pilgrims.

The Break Darshan is costing Rs 10000. Even this decision was taken unilaterally. Now the latest is the decision to hike the laddu rate from Rs 25 to Rs 50.

The TTD will just give one laddoo on any darshan. If you require laddoos you have to purchase them for Rs 50. The Laddu which was costing Rs 25 has been doubled to Rs 50.

One is pondering if the TTD was helping the pilgrims are discouraging the pilgrims by hiking the rates of rooms, darshan and also the Laddu Prasadam.

If the hike goes on for one item after the other, then the pilgrims will revolt.