krishnam raju

Popular film star, producer and politician UV Krishnam Raju is admitted to an ICU of a private hospital in Hyderabad. Krishnam Raju is suffering from pneumonia.

Doctors who are attending on Krishnam Raju is responding to the treatment and recovering. He is related to Prabahas of Baahubali fame. Right now he was busy to produce a movie for Prabahas under the banner of GopiKrishna movies.

Krishnam Raju was very popular with his movie Bobbili Brahmanna. He is a leader of the BJP and was an MP also for some time. He was a Union Minister for some time under the Leadership of Vajpayee.

Krishnam Raju also knows Homeopathy treatment. But now he is in the hospital for the treatment of pneumonia. These days Krishnam Raju is unable to walk properly.

He is using battery cars at the airport and other places.