It looks like the TTD chief Subba Reddy has taken a wrong decision to locate the TTD camp office in Tadepalli Gudem. Being the relative of the CM Jagan, Subba Reddy has taken a hasty and wrong decision.

So far no Chairman has located the camp office out of the TTD area not even in Tirupathi. Now Subb Reddy has given the oral instructions to set up the TTD camp office in Tadepally Gudem.

The Chairmen is supposed to be in the vicinity of the Temple and safeguard the interest of the Temple affairs and day to day happenings. But managing TTD is not an easy task. So staying within Tirumala is the right way to manage the goings-on.

The first decision taken by Subba Reddy to do away with the LI-L2-L3 darshans is right but so far the officials are yet to spell out what is the alternative method.

The location of the camp office is brewing a lot of controversies. To stay put in the office located at Tirumala is the right thing to do for Subba Reddy. Subba Reddy must understand that anything that goes wrong here at the TTD will create lot of bad name for Jagan, as they are related.

The officials must spell out as to what is the system and what are the sevas available now. What are recommendations allowed and in what form, should be publicised by the new board members coming in?
Subba Reddy must understand that in the name of protecting the interest of pilgrims and common man, he should not do whatever he wants. He must first know what are the responsibilities of a Chairman of the TTD and what are the restrictions.

Accommodation first and darshan next is the real issue at the TTD. The Chairman first must try to solve the issue of accommodation on Tirumala as the common man is still sleeping on the streets.