The release of Sahoo the most awaited movie from UV Productions and Prabahs after Baahubali is postponed again. The movie with technical excellence and huge budget was supposed to be released on 15nth August. Now it is again shifted to 30th for some more post-production work it is learnt.

Two more films are scheduled on August 15nth and it is good to postpone Saaho as it is being treated as something special with a big budget for Prabhas. One film from Sharwanand in the name of Ranarangam and the other from Adavishesh is being released on the same day.

But the reality is that the Saaho team is in for making some more changes with the post-production work. Crores were spent for a scene in a scene where they just burn down the imported cars.

Shraddha Kapoor is the leading lady for the movie and it is being released in three languages so that the budget is covered. Prabha’s is also awaiting the release of the movie after Baahubali. Apart from this, it is the home production from Prabahs family members.

UV is the surname of his family members. Senior star and producer Krishnam Raju has also got the stakes in Saaho. It is reported that music in some parts of the movie is being redone for Saaho.