Trump praises Scientists


Donald Trump the USA President has praised the efforts of the Indian and American scientist who are working hard for investing a medicine or vaccine against the Corona Virus.

It is praiseworthy he opined. He was hopeful that the scientists would come up with a Vaccine against the Virus at the earliest possible. He also praised the Indian Government for sending the Anti Malarial medicines to Americ which were used against the Corona initially.

Trump was hopeful that the cooperation between the Indian and the USA Government will continue. It may be recalled that Modi the Prime Miniter of India, has indirectly campaigned for the Victory of Trump in the earlier election.

It is reported that the Indians in America have voted for Trump on the suggestion of Prime Minister Modi. Trump’s visit to India in recent times was also a great success.

Trump also praised Modi alike anything in the Gujarat public meeting. Ther is a chance that Modi might for fora visit America to support Trump again for the coming elections.
Some analysts are of the opinion that Trump is going to come back and that he is unbeatable.