Lockdown exit is crucial


The right strategy for the exit from the lockdown is important suggested Rahul Gandhi the Congress leader. Reviving the economy is also important he said.

Addressing the media Rahul Gandhi said that coming out of Corona and reviving the economy is also very important he said. We are suffering the people are India are suffering we have to protect them he said.

I am not trying to e a journalist, but I am trying to know things in a better form and in a detailed manner he explained. In Indian people are intelligent and they will definitely come out of this situation he said.

I am only trying to create awareness among the people of the country so that they will be vigilant he opined. I will try to pressurise the Government with love Rahul stated.

He was hopeful that PM Modi will react in a positive manner to resolve the issue. There is every need to prime the Engine of India he opined. Rahul said that h was very sad to see people walking on the streets with no food to eat.

The migrant workers need a lot of help he opined. The centre should be worried about the India ratings he said. The Government should provide cash to the poor and needy he suggested.