Trump arrives at Shankanadam

Trump india


USA President Donald Trump along with wife and daughter along with Son In arrived at the Ahmedabad Airport to be greeted by Shankanadam and a hug from the Prime Minister India Narendra Modi.

The cultural troupes of Gujarat also greeted Trump at the airport before they started for Mothera stadium. Trump was in his regular dressing but with a yellow necktie.

Modi shook hands with the family members of Trump and greeted them. Ivanka Trump is coming to India again after her Hyderabad visit. later they participated in a roadshow on the way all along to the Mothera stadium.

The Motorcade of Modi and Trump moved slowly en route under heavy bundobust. Some of them greeted Trump by ringing sacred bells. The is the longest road who done by an American President, that is about 22 kilometres from the Airport to the Mothera stadium which is the World’s largest.

From the Airport Modi and Trump moved to Sabarmati Ashram and paid respects to the father of Nation Mahatma Gandhi. Later they departed to the Mothera stadium.

The roads looked spic and pain with the foot paths pained in black and yellow. The cultural troupess perromed enroute and greeted Trump and his family members.