Never before ever after

modi Trump


The arrangements in India are being made so that people must know that they were done never before and will be ever after. Cultural troupes from all over the country have come to Gujarat stadium to perform en route for Modi and Trump.

Trump is very enthusiastic and has tweeted in Hindi that he is waiting and looking forward to the India Trip. Both Delhi and Ahmedabad apart from the Motera stadium have been decorated and decked up for the event.

The tag line is Namasthe Modi. PM Modi has already landed in Ahmedabad to greet Trump. Gujarati songs are going on saying Ambani is Gujrath and Adani is Gujarathi.

The route from the airport to Stadium are decked up with India and USA flags. The Indian and American forces are guarding the streets of Ahmedabad and Delhi.

Popular Singer Kailash Kher is also performing at the stadium. Around a lakh of people are expected to hear the speech of Modi and Trump.

Food arrangements are also being made at the stadium for the people who would be coming for the event.13 routes were closed in Ahmedabad as part of security measures and to avoid the traffic snarls. Trump is expected to reach the stadium by noon.