TRS to depend on Hanuma to tackle Rama


Both Modi and KCR are believers in God. They are god-fearing leaders. It is an open secret that the BJP depends on Rama and Temples to attract the attention of the people.

Even KCR also visits temples before taking up any big development task in the State of Telangana. Now Kavitha the MLC who is KCR’s daughter has started worshipping Lord Hanuman.

She is going to Kondagattu Anjaneya Swamy Temple and now is planning the recitation of Hanuman Chalisa in a big way across the state. She will also distribute Jaya Ghosha booklets where there is recitation in praise of Lord Hanuma.

Both Rama and Hanuma are attached to each other. Rama takes the help of Hanuma and Hanuma is always there for Rama. In this fashion, Kavitha decided to counter BJP in the future.

Her arch-rival MP Aravind depends on Rama and she wants to counter Aravind in the next election with Hanuma. She lost as an MP to Aravind in Nizamabad.

Aravind is the son of D Srinivas the TRS Mp who was the PCC Chief earlier.