Azhar Bhai in deep trouble: HCA happenings


Hyderabad Cricket Association issued a show-cause notice to its president Mohammad Azharuddin on Tuesday stating that he stands suspended until final adjudication.

Azharuddin the former India captain has been charged for misconduct and his HCA membership has been terminated till further investigation. Azhar was charged with committing various mistakes as the HCA President.

He was asked to explain on all the issues where he has committed a mistake against the rules and regulations of the BCCI.

“The Apex Council is left with no option but to issue the show cause notice and invoking 40 (6) pending inquiry and proceeding into complaints and charges of misconduct the Apex Council has suspended you until final adjudication that included termination of your membership in HCA setting out the below-mentioned details,” said the show-cause notice

“The Council in its meeting held on June 10 has decided after careful consideration of various complaints made by the members of the general body and also on its volition had duly deliberated about your various acts of commission and omission in its meeting held and has decided to issue the show-cause notice to you according to Rule 41 (1) (b) and 15 (4) (c),” the Apex Council stated in the notice to Azhar.