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Jagan Mohan Reddy the YSRC chief stated that it is a waste of time talking about Pawan Kalyan the Jana Sena chief who has no morality in life. Talking about the personal life of Pawan, Jagan chided at his saying that Pawan changes his wives like changing the cars. How can you change the ladies so easily he quipped. So far Pawan Kalyan has changed 4 ladies in his life and he talks about sincerity and morality Jagan commented.

jagan, pawan, chandra babu

For 4 years Pawan Kalyan was with TDP and enjoyed their hospitality. Now he is going against TDP which could be an arrangement or match-fixing Jagan charged. Pawan is part and parcel of the grave injustice being done to the people of AP he said.Pawan does some walking, tweet something and then take a break or vanish from the scene.

Whenever TDP is in trouble he makes some statements to bail out TDP Jagan charged. He leads the political life as if they are shooting schedules he opined.Jagan opined that it is just a time waste to talk or comment on Pawan, the YSRC chief opined. It looks like there would be a bitter fight between Jagan and Pawan, finally paving the way to TDP in the next elections.