Srireddy may be arrested: prostitution/extortion

sri reddy

The Tamil heroes who were named by Srireddy that they exploited her are taking the issue very seriously. People like Vishal and Nani are wanting to see that Srireddy is taught a lesson. A police complaint was launched against Srireddy saying that she is involved in prostitution and extortion of money apart from character assassination of others.
It may be noted that she has slept with many people in the film industry and also named them openly.


She also claimed that she has proof of that. Sri named directors Murugadoss and Lawrence. The lady in the name of fighting against casting couch has involved Nani and Vishal. Now they are trying to nail her lies.A person by name Varahi has filed a police case in Chennai that Srireddy is involved in prostitution and extortion. It is learnt that the police were trying to have enough evidence and grounds to arrest SriReddy. But Srireddy as such is taking it very lightly. She is also in touch with the Advocates it is reported.

Earlier Suresh babu the owner of Suresh Production also said that the law will take its own course. His son Abhiram was dragged into the controversy by Srireddy and said that Abhiram used her physically in the name of marrying her.
To avoid this issue and maintain a distance Abhiram was sent to Bangalore by Suresh babu. Suresh is busy with his other son Ranas treatment now.