The World celebrated the encounter

hyderabad encounter

Media across the world wrote about the instant justice of the Telangana police. All the TV Channels in all the languages at National and also the international level wrote and talked about the encounter in Hyderabad near the International Airport.

Right or wrong is a different manner, but they said that the women expressed their happiness over the police action. Very few of them stated that it was a fake encounter.

Now the police are probing if the 4 of the rapists were involved in some other cases across the country. Added to this was the victory of Kohli team in Uppal team and that also in Hyderabad.

The world looked at the super cricket match and also the aggression of Kohli in the stadium while chasing the target. Both put together we can say that Hyderabad was talked about across the world from morning to evening yesterday.

The women celebrated with Bandbaja, crackers and sweet. Some of them danced on the streets. People who found fault with the police in Disah case for not responding properly, now are very happy that they have done justice to the family members of Disha.