Boyapati Srinivas always had a soft corner on the plight of women. In the movie, Legend Balakrishna talks that without women there is no world. Even god is born to a woman Balaiah says in his movie.

Taking the success of those dialogues, now Boyapati has decided that it would be right to put the Disha episode in the latest movie. Roja the YSRC leader and also TV anchor is being considered for playing the villain in this movie.

It is reported that Roja in principle has agreed to play the role of lady villain in the movie. It looks like Boyapati Srinivas is all set to give a hatrik to Balakrishna under his direction.

After Sarainodu there is no proper hit to Boyapati in the industry. His movie with Ramcharan in the name of Vinaya Vidheya Rama was a big flop. Now both Balaiah and Boyapati need a super-duper hit for their careers.

Balaiah got a flop called as NTR in the form of Biopic with Krish. Lets hope the combination will deliver a good hit.