Despite Corona and other issues, the TV serial shootings will not be stopped said the TV producers council. While the TV shootings are going on the Cinema shootings have not been started by the producers.

It might take another six months time for the atmosphere to set in and for the heroes to come out and agree for the shootings. The TV producers are taking all the precautions to prevent the workers from getting Corona, but one of the crew in the serial shooting got the Corona positive.

The Serial shooting has been stopped and people from the crew have been sent for quarantine. People with more than 60 years of age are advised not to come out for shootin=ngs or any other activity.

That is the reason big heroes like Venkatesh, Chiranjeevi and Nagarjuna re not coming out. Even Mahesh who is younger than others is not coming out. He is not in a hurry.

The TV workers, on the other hand, are demanding that they must be insured so that in case of any eventuality they will get something or the other.

Vindo Bala on the of the prominent personalities from the TV productions said that they will continue the shootings with all the precautions. Let’s hope the situation will improve int e coming months.